General Notes

  • All sessions are one-on-one unless you choose to include up to 2 additional students. Additional students may be added at no additional cost.
  • All sessions take place at our office unless you choose to meet virtually.

Personalized Tutoring

Our personalized tutoring sessions are tailored to meet the true needs of the student. This may involve helping them succeed in a class that they are struggling with, teaching them new material, and/or preparing them for the math portion of a standardized test.

Taking a math course and need some help?

When working with a new student, our initial goal is to help them become successful where they are, at that time, in their course. We typically start with the current topics that they are working on. They usually communicate to us what they are struggling with and we go right to work on strengthening those skills. If we notice gaps in their knowledge from previous courses, we go back to those concepts and work to help them build strength in those areas. Once the student is able to meet the demands of the coursework on their own, we then start moving them ahead giving them greater confidence while progressing through the remainder of the course.

Want to sharpen your math skills in a particular area or get a head start on an upcoming course?

We have the resources and ability to teach most any math topic or course ranging from pre-k to freshman college level.

Want to get better prepared for the math portion of a standardized test?

We can help you prepare for the math portion of most any standardized test such as the SAT, ACT, PSAT, GRE to name a few. We will provide you with a good review of the math concepts, test taking practice, and advice on how to get a good score.


Mastering concepts in mathematics is a process that requires lots of attention that often extends outside of tutoring sessions. For this reason, we provide the following support for our students and their parents.

  • Parents have the option to sit in on tutoring sessions and learn how they can better help their kids at home.
  • We provide extra practice worksheets upon request.
  • We will communicate with teachers via email, at parents' request, to ensure student success.