About The Math Tutor

Richard Rouse began tutoring in the fall of 1998 while earning his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at Charleston Southern University. He tutored privately and worked for the mathematics department as a tutor for freshman-level math students.

After graduating in 2002, he taught high school mathematics for 6 years in the Charleston, SC area.

In 2005, he began providing private tutoring for students of all ages, meeting them in their homes, at coffee shops, libraries, etc. It was this time that he formally adopted "The Math Tutor" as the name of his service.

In 2008, the demand for his service had grown to the point where he was able to stop teaching high school and go full time with his tutoring. He opened his first office in the summer of 2009.

As a math tutor, my desire is for my students gain a deeper understanding of mathematics. I want them to see that it is much more than merely computing numbers and manipulating symbols: It is a way of thinking.

When working with students, regardless of their skill level, I strive to move them beyond proficiency in simply memorizing and using prescribed formulas. I want them to understand why those formulas work and how they are derived. I believe that this is where math becomes interesting and where students are inspired.

-Richard Rouse